In today’s news, Colonel Gaddafi and one of his sons have been killed; a sheriff in Ohio says all of the freed exotic animals have been accounted for; and the bad feelings between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry started long before their race for the GOP nomination. In entertainment news, Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt [...]

Reblog this and fill in the blank: “Today is the 1st...

Reblog this and fill in the blank: “Today is the 1st anniversary of Love is Louder, and I’m going to make love louder by ___________. Join me at”

LRA Crisis Tracker featured on Mashable, MTV ACT

Considering Mashable is a blog I read everyday, and Sophia Bush’s tweeting about the Crisis Tracker is getting on the MTV blog, it’s a very exciting day for us here at Invisible Children. Here’s a glimpse of the impact the Crisis Tracker is already making in the press. Spread the word and then check out the LRA Crisis Tracker for yourself.

Nickelodeon contest update: Voting open for the best art projects by XO students

Mundonick is hosting a public vote for the best projects submitted in the OLPC – Nickelodeon contest across Latin America. Check out the finalists in the contest and vote for your favorite; the winners will be flown in to attend the HALO Awards ceremony this season.
Unfortunately, at the moment these videos can only be viewed from certain IP ranges – including most of Latin America.

News Round-Up: Thursday, August 18, 2011

President Obama calls on Syrian President Bashar Assad to resign; a series of terror attacks strikes Israel; the Department of Justice is investigating Standard & Poor; Rick Perry calls climate change data “manipulated;” multiple reports surface of Michele Bachmann’s staff pushing and shoving reporters; a Russian company aims to have a space resort set up [...]

How MTV describes the internet in 1995

Take a trip back to the good ol’ days when Smashing Pumpkins reigned and Moby still had hair. I know this may shock some of you, but there was a time when there was no internet. Watch as MTV’s mid-90’s generation explain the internet. I don’t know what’s funnier people still refering to it as the information super highway or marveling at websites dedicated to Twinkie hiakus. -NS

MTV turned 30 today

Today marks the 30th birthday of MTV.  In lieu of moaning about the lack of music videos on the network once named Music Television (we all agree – more videos, less teen moms/frat bro fights), enjoy the first hour ever broadcast on the network back in 1981 courtesy of Stereogum. – AN-H

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