I AM Challenge: The Cute Kids and Animals Edition

Let’s face it: few can resist cute photos of kids and animals. We have received some great kid and pet photo submissions for our I AM Fighting Climate Change Challenge – and we’re accepting more through October 31. Come on, bring on more cuteness!

On Climate, Ethics, Cow Burps and the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama explores the interface of contemplative and scientific approaches to environmental challenges.

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I AM: Elected Officials Taking the Challenge

We went to a joint hearing today at City Hall in Santa Monica between the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water and the Senate Select Committee on the Environment, the Economy and Climate Change. The topic: “Climate Change Adaptation: Impacts in Southern California.” Before the hearing, we spoke with some of our local elected [...]

Skeptic Talking Point Melts Away as an Inconvenient Physicist Confirms Warming

An inconvenient physicist takes away a persistent talking point of climate skeptics.

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Breath of Fresh Air in Senate: “We Are Not Just in This Chamber to Represent the Polluters”

There’s so much hot air coming out of Washington these days, many Americans have tuned out. But one speech on the Senate floor recently is worth watching in full.
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is a longtime champion of clean air. Last week, he told his Senate colleagues that no matter how you look at it, clean air is a great investment and it’s time to stop playing games with Americans’ health:

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